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Wireless temperature measurement system

Wireless temperature measurement system

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In power system, temperature is an important parameter to characterize the normal operation of primary equipment. Especially the connection parts of the primary equipment such as capacitor cutting, due to equipment manufacturing reasons, equipment by environmental pollution, equipment long-term operation, serious overload operation, contact oxidation, arc impact and other reasons caused by the increase in contact resistance, so in the power transmission often in the cable connection phenomenon, and the heating problem is a continuous accumulation process. If not controlled, the degree of heating will continue to increase, and have a great impact on the performance of insulation parts and equipment life.

With the continuous progress of modern power electronics technology, the technology of inductive power collection has matured. Compared with the traditional online monitoring using battery power supply, induction power collection has the advantages of long life, maintenance-free, safe and reliable, and real-time data. Therefore, the breakthrough of modern high-voltage induction power collection technology has solved the power supply problem of online monitoring under high voltage conditions. The new generation of passive wireless temperature sensor developed by our company is an energy harvesting self-powered wireless temperature sensor based on high voltage electromagnetic energy. In a real sense, it realizes maintenance-free, self-powered, high-precision, electrical isolation, no current in the main loop, and real-time temperature monitoring.

Wireless temperature measurement technology uses contact wireless temperature monitoring and analysis to capture the abnormal operation of equipment, timely find the early signs of equipment accidents and take effective measures to prevent the occurrence of serious accidents. Using this monitoring system can achieve the following purposes:

Make up for the shortage of manual inspection, reduce the cost of manual maintenance;

Symptom alarm to eliminate the accident in the bud and prevent the escalation and deterioration of the situation;

The sensor adopts passive wireless temperature sensor, and the service life can be 10 years in normal environment.

The sensor is waterproof, resistant to high temperature and aging, and has the characteristics of normal operation in strong electromagnetic environment.

Field communication equipment can adopt directional wireless network or mobile Internet networking, which can conveniently upload field data to the network server in real time.

The background terminal adopts BS structure, and the networked mobile terminal can realize the need of monitoring anytime and anywhere

Realize 24 hours a day uninterrupted online monitoring, monitoring data once the limit is exceeded alarm;

Our company's wireless temperature measurement system mainly consists of three parts: wireless temperature sensor, wireless temperature receiving terminal, data server and background;

The effect structure diagram is as follows:



As the sensing layer of the system, the wireless temperature sensor is distributed in each hot spot to measure the surface temperature in real time, and the temperature data is transmitted to the receiving terminal through wireless mode.

The receiving terminal undertakes the data relay function in the system, which receives the data of the sensor and then transmits it to the data background through optical fiber, 485 or wireless, etc., which forms the network layer of the system.

After the data reaches the background, the user can monitor the real-time temperature and historical curve of each sensor in the field through the browser. If there is an overtemperature situation, the user can quickly locate and notify the relevant personnel in time. This is the application layer of the system.






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