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Ningbo Light Of The East Safety Technology CO.,LTD.

Ningbo Light Of The East Safety Technology CO.,LTD.It is a high-tech enterprise located in Ningbo Science Park of China Academy of Engineering Physics. The company's technology comes from two bomb development bases - China Academy of Engineering Physics (hereinafter referred to as "Chinese Academy of Engineering Physics"), founded in 1958, is China's nuclear weapons development unit listed in the national plan, is to develop national defense advanced science and technology based on theory, experiment, design and production as one of the comprehensive research institute. Outstanding scientists such as Yu Min, Wang Tuchang, Deng Jiaxian and Zhu Guangya, winners of the "Two Bombs and One Star Merit Medal", have all held important leadership positions in the Academy, and there are 22 academicians.

The company is based on photon counting detection and photoelectric imaging technology, focusing on the development and promotion of flame and temperature test systems in high-risk environments. The company has a strong technical team, independent research and development of a series of distributed fiber optic temperature measurement system, fiber grating temperature measurement system, red ultraviolet flame detector, with self-developed software system, to provide a strong guarantee for user product upgrade. Products are widely used in aviation, shipping, transportation, electric power, petroleum and petrochemical, banking, metallurgy, coal mine, municipal integrated pipe gallery and other fields.

We strive to build the company into a professional technology company in the field of security protection!


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