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Temperature sensing cable

Temperature sensing cable

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The optical fiber is made of quartz glass and is packaged in various packages to form optical cables with various characteristics. The optical cable of the optical fiber temperature measuring host is not only the signal transmission medium, but also the temperature sensing element. Considering the harsh environment of the site, the temperature detection cable should have good anti-biting and anti-seismic characteristics. Therefore, the linear optical fiber temperature detector should have a strong sheath to provide good protective characteristics, but at the same time, the temperature detection cable should also provide good temperature conductivity to ensure rapid fire detection.


1. Wireless temperature sensor double armored tube protection, high tensile, compressive, flexible and strong, wiring is very simple;

2.Kevlar aramid wire low density, high strength, good toughness, high temperature resistance, easy processing and molding, is due to the "Kevlar" material tough and wear-resistant, rigid and flexible, with a knife can not enter the special ability, in the military is called "armored guard".

3. Stainless steel spiral hose: enhance mechanical and environmental characteristics, keep the overall soft, flexible, easy to connect after the cable, while avoiding interference from mice and other animals;

4. Stainless steel braided wire: enhance the cable resistance to longitudinal tension and torque.

5. Low smoke halogen-free flame retardant sheath with non-delayed combustion, combustion does not release toxic gas and smoke and other environmental protection characteristics;

6. Small outer diameter, simple structure, fast thermal penetration, short temperature response time;

7. The outer sheath adopts red low-smoke halogen free, good electrical insulation performance;

8. Corning fiber, OVD process to ensure the quality of optical fiber, to ensure the accuracy of optical fiber detection;

9. Excellent heat conduction characteristics, mechanical properties, waterproof properties, rat-bite and corrosion resistance.

   电缆沟(包含电缆隧道施工)是专业用于铺装各种各样电缆的安全通道,电缆连接头的特性阻抗提升、电缆负载过大、绝缘层皮脆化或是电缆自身局放等缘故,导致电缆表层造成升温,电缆电缆护套和防护层造成燃烧,而且随着着发热量、易燃气体的造成,伴随着溫度进一步升高则造成浓烟,从而發展为火灾事故,一旦发生火灾事故,难以及时处理和灭火,导致明显的损害。分布式光纤感温中,选用正弦波敷设的组装方法,感温光 纤线,感温电缆安裝在电缆固定支架或支撑架处时,感温 光纤线、感温电缆以正弦波方法敷设于全部被维护的能源或操纵电缆的保护壳上边,宜选用容栅敷设。光纤光栅测温传感器相关的探测器安裝时使用的夹具固定不动,防止探测器接到地应力而导致设备损害。

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