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The use of switchgear circuit breakers requires optical fiber temperature measurement

2021-09-22 15:34:10

In recent years, solid-state insulated switchgear has been widely favored by regional power grid companies for its excellent natural environment adaptability, maintenance-free and better energy-saving and environmental protection functions. Solid insulated switchgear uses new environmental protection solid raw materials as insulating materials, and the two-dimensional array power switch and electrified conductor are generally cast solid seal, which is smaller in size and stronger in anti-fouling work compared with steam insulated switchgear. However, the thermal power of the primary control loop is very large and the heat removal capacity is poor, and the overtemperature is a common fault caused by the poor contact of the wiring pile cap.

In order to better deal with and deal with the security risks of network hot spots in the switch cabinet in a timely manner, many scholars have scientifically studied the optical fiber sensing measurement technology in the cabinet. Infrared, optical fiber and wireless temperature measurement methods are basically now more perfect temperature measurement technology.

In the wireless temperature measurement and control device, the indoor space path between the infrared temperature measurement and shooting probe and the collection point is not blocked, and it is not easy to achieve the installation requirements on the spot of the project, not to mention the additional delay effect of the steam body in the whole process of transmission, which will also produce the result deviation.

The spectral analysis technology does not touch the detection target during the test, and has good stability and anti-interference ability, but its optical fiber temperature online monitoring results are vulnerable to the surface raw materials, the location of the acquisition probe and other factors, and the accurate positioning of the infrared temperature probe is difficult.

Wireless communication technology collects the temperature quantity of several monitoring points, and then uses wireless data transmission to return the measured information, and analyzes the results to achieve the goal of online detection. For the high-voltage switchgear connector covered with insulating raw materials, it is generally difficult to achieve immediate temperature detection of the interface. Some scholars have mentioned the difficulty of accurate positioning, the influence of internal electromagnetic fields, and the damage breakdown voltage of inductor wires.

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